Leading the move into digital

Dentistry has come of age to the digital transformation era


Digital revolution brings huge benefits for patients

The key revolution in digital dentistry is the invention of the intra-oral digital scanner which has revolutionise what impression we can take of the teeth and all other anatomical structures in the mouth.


Improved efficiency

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Higher quality treatment

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Faster turnaround time

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Produce accurate results with no wastage

The scan means no more messy alginates and expensive viscoelastic impressions, no more gaggings and discomfort for the patient, no more plaster models and wastes. Produce accurate results with no bubbling of voids in the final casts as well as waiting for the laboratory boys to pickup the cases.

However with new technologies, there are always the hindrance in embracing new method of established and comfortable workflow. Namely, money to invest in the new technology, effort to take up new skills and time to convert to digital workflow. Financial investment is probably the biggest challenge as the cost of the ownership could range from RM200,000 to RM800,000 for a complete digital system.

Full technical support

Dentadrone is an organisation which will charter or lend you the Trios 3 Shape scanner to your clinic at a minimal cost. It will have full tech support and ensure that you will have your scan done, electronic transfer of scan and deliver quality dental products on time and at affordable rates.


The DentaDrone Digital Workflow


The Doctor (DR) has a consultation with patient. Patients agree to proceed with digital solution


Consultation with DR over phone/Whatsapp/email with Digital Engineer (DE)


DR book an appointment for DE for the Trios 3Shape Scanner


Scanner comes with DE on the day of procedure


DR does the procedure (Cut crown/Bridge)


DE helps DR to Scan patient


DE send data electronically with Homebase Lab


HomeBase lab immediate construct the crown digitally


Crown is ready at HomeBase Laboratory and immediately sent back to DR


Expect a turnaround time of about 96 hours (4 days) from scanning to delivery

Other Services Provided

Trios 3 Shape scanner to your clinic at a minimal cost

Crown and Bridge Fabrication via digital Scans for teeth
Partial and Full Dentures digital constructions
Dental implant surgical guides for surgical planning
Scanning to fabricate abutments, crown, bridge and overdentures.
Orthodontic Clear aligner fabrications
Digital Orthodontics bracket placements systems
Scanning and digitising of dental records
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Splint digital fabrications
Orthognathic treatment planning

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